Fastest of Foods

There's a new medium-speed-food place here in town that accepts online orders. So I order online, and they screw up my order. Every single time.

They give me a free drink for screwing up my order.

It's the only thing they're allowed to do to make up for the fact that no-one there is capable of putting all my food in a bag without me checking, finding a missing entree, and then waiting while they make it even though the web order gives them 25 minutes to do it before I get there.

I just order 40 minutes before we want the food, and make sure not to order a drink.

I've tried phone orders and in-person orders, they screw those up as well. I still have to go through the bags, and figure out which specific items they left out, and ask them to make those items, which are never being prepped at the time so I have to wait around for them. It's the same 5 meals each time, but always different items missing.

If they stop giving me that drink, I won't ever go back. It's the only thing that makes the sheer incompetence of the whole thing entertaining rather than enraging.