I read an article the other day that said that millennials SAY that saving power is an important topic they care about towards saving the environment, but aren't really taking steps to save energy.

Now I'm not a millennial technically, but I'm borderline, so I was curious to see what's wrong with kids today. It turns out, the auther is an old out-of-touch curmudgeon, THAT's what's wrong with kids today.

Millennials are putting in LED lighting which the author considers a small step towards energy saving, but they're not putting in the hard work of re-insulating their attics, better insulating windows or putting in more energy-efficient heating/cooling systems.

Now, first: millennials are deeply in debt, both college and mortgage and credit card, so they cannot afford something quite that expensive this year. I know that buying this house was quite enough for me, and I've paid off my other debts!

I went through and switched all the 40 and 60 watt lightbulbs in this house for 5 and 8.5 watt LED equivalents. That's an easy project, but to say that easy means insignificant is to ignore that I spent more than I will save this year, and that I'm going to save 1600 watts each time all the lights are on. That's not nothing, it's a good start.

Also, I've run the air conditioner 3 times this year, which is when it was over 100 degrees, so I'm only expecting to run it 6-10 more times this year. Maybe better insulation would help, but probably not.

Also, we have 4 laptops which measure around 20-30 watts each (pretty good!) and a TV that uses 36 watts (really good). I suspect we're pretty average for millenials, and well below average for older generations.

G'night folks.