Priest attacked by women, and how newsworthy that truly is.

A Priest was recently attacked by a group of topless women who poured out their water bottles onto his head. (

A discussion started, and my response turned a bit lengthy so I've posted it here:

I would agree with those who say that the Roman Catholic Church, and the Anglican Church, and Focus on The Family are political organizations that put their interests and their agendas so far above following Jesus that they cannot accurately be called Christian organizations. however, I think we need to be careful to clarify that while the organization as a whole is not Christian, that does not mean that individual members are not Christian. I can think of several Catholics that I would not hesitate to say are Christian, inasmuch as I can ever know another's heart. And I think that it would be fair to say that most Catholics are Christian, if they think about religion at all. So do not mistake my comments as an attack on Catholicism or on Christianity itself, because I do believe that if everyone followed Jesus, the peace and holiness we would see in this world would amaze us all. Yet, Christianity is so very often twisted and distorted to fulfill goals the Christ would not condone, such as defending slavery or rape or homophobia.

My reference to burning at the stake was not a general reference to deaths throughout history - my understanding was that a Christian in Rome was more likely to be fed to the lions, and a Protestant to be stabbed or stoned. Whether or not this imagery is accurate, the common American concept attached to stake-burning is witchcraft, and witchcraft is historically is an alternative name for feminism. Over and again in history we see women who call themselves equal to men condemned as witches and burned, because that was seen as the only way to quell such unseemly rebellion. I have no doubt that had these girls protested against a priest even 7 decades back, the talk of exorcisms would have quickly given way to talk of burning or drowning, and then to action.

I am not attacking this particular priest, nor am I defending the actions of these women. Rather, I am pointing out that there is a larger story here, and while we stare at this tree, we miss the entire forest surrounding it.

This story is newsworthy because it is a rare example of women behaving badly towards a priest. As you been reading this post, several women have been raped and murdered, some of them no doubt by religious leaders. This is not newsworthy, because it is simply too common, too everyday. One out of every 4 women you talk to today has been raped, yet she carries on with her life because that's the life of a woman in modern society. Attacking priests on the other hand, even simply by yelling and splashing water on them, is rare. So rare, it makes the news whenever it happens.

I've written fairly extensive notes on homosexuality and rape before this, you are welcome to read them and comment.