I pay about $7200 of my gross income towards taxes. I figure that's typical. That includes payroll taxes, income taxes - whatever the government takes out of my check before I'm allowed to take anything home. Because that's what counts.

I also pay approximately $1200 in sales tax each year. That's a rougher estimate, since sales taxes vary by county and by item.

For my household that leaves $500 per person per month for food, clothes, rent and utilities. Which puts me well above "poverty," so I don't qualify for heating, food, or any other type of assistance.

My taxes therefore all go towards infrastructure - the roads I drive, the school my kids will go to. I'm proud to pay my share towards those, but it does frustrate me to notice that the roads where I live become rougher and less safe every year, the schools become poorer and smaller each year. I don't pay any less taxes, why is it that these essential services are no longer fully funded?

Then I read that the typical millionare in this country pays $0 in taxes due to rebate programs I cannot afford to qualify for, and I start to understand. Millionares & billionares are actively using the resources of our government while paying not one penny to support the infrastructure, leaving me to pay the bills and get nothing back.
Even Warren Buffett, who makes it a point of pride that he does not use tax shelters or manipulate rebate systems in his favor, pays a lower percentage of total income than I.

Then Obama suggests a tax rebate that would discount the tax rates of people like myself approximately $1500 a year. And it would also discount Warren Buffett by the same amount.
And then the Tea Party tells me that passing this tax cut would be class warfare, because Warren Buffet must always get a larger percentage cut than I.

So now I understand what class warfare really looks like.