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I am finally home and my bags are temporarily situated! So I have some time to give this my proper attention.

Dear Friend-of-friend Bill, you claim that no amount of evidence collection can provide us the true story, by which I assume you are acknowledging the existence of objective reality, but claiming that our subjective experience interferes with an accurate grasp of it, leading to a relativistic quagmire. This is valid in as far as it goes, but the essential point that you miss is that such subjective perspectives are occupied.

This vital detail is the sole difference between the ugly useless stench of relativism, and the bright beauty of perspectivism.

You may say, "One might feel threatened by black people," but I can respond that yes one might, but only if one were a pathetic toad useless to everyone including yourself. Since I grant no special rights to craven cowards, I would rightly conclude that while one might feel threatened, that one is not worth worrying about: leaving us to deal only in valid viewpoints.

This is the power and elegance of perspectivism.

Now, to the anthropomorphic perspective of the Internet! This is not a particularly valid tool for understanding, since the Internet is not a single entity, nor indeed even a homogenous collective.
Rather, the diversity upon the internet is only matched or exceeded by the diversity of life itself. To examine only one example, Libertarian hero Glenn Greenwald documents the many daily incursions upon our freedom by our governments, no matter what the supposed loyalties of the bastards who steal from us. He is not limited by party or fad, but by his own fervor towards personal freedom. If he represents the Internet, the Internet is a grand place indeed. Contrast that with Perez Hilton, bastion of free expression and trashy whining and you get my point - the Internet has no one personality.

Facebook is a far smaller and more introspective community than "the Internet," but even there trending topics have little to do with the fear and cares of it individual members. I have junior high students who still send links about Kony, which I consider excellent civil participation for their ages. I also participate with minor activities like taking a picture of myself in a hoodie, because I enjoy the community camaraderie and also the situational awareness that it raises among my colleagues here. But I do not mistake this for actual positive steps toward change in our world.

As to the New Black Panther's issuing death threats, you should really educate yourself as to the difference between BP and NBP, and also the relevance of the NPB. Vigilante action is always a terrible idea, but certainly they have more justification for outrage than Zimmerman ever did. If they were to follow through, that would be another crime in need of an arrest.

Finally, to the situation of Trayvon Martin. We know that he was walking home from buying candy and ice-tea, that George Zimmerman followed him and was intimidating enough that Martin began to run away, at which point Zimmerman ran after him against the advice of the 911 dispatcher. We know that Zimmerman is 29, and fit enough to chase down a 17-year-old. We also know that he was healthy enough to hop out of a police car while handcuffed shortly after the incident, and that Zimmerman had a small abrasion on the back of his head that was not bleeding at that time. The 911 recording indicates that Martin screamed right before Zimmerman shot him.

There is certainly not enough evidence there to earn him the lethal injection, but then, who is suggesting that? The issue at hand is whether or not there is enough evidence there to warrant an arrest and possible charges against him - and certainly one must conclude that there is. Yet the police felt that the appropriate action as to release him without charges, to intimidate witnesses who said that they heard Martin cry out for help, "reminding" them that they heard Zimmerman yell for help, and dropping Martin's body in the morgue until his father filed a missing person's report. There is no solid proof here of collusion on the part of the police, but certainly there are some indicators of at least some incompetence and possible malfeasance.

All of this leads me to one inevitable conclusion, which I intend to share with you before my late supper and much needed rest.

Fuck the Police.