Domain Renewal Time!

Wow. Years ago, I got a good deal with yahoo, where I paid $2.95 to register Then it was 3.95 a year, and then 9.95... It leveled off there, as you might expect, and I set up auto-renewal so that I wouldn't lose the domain. Only this year, they decided not to renew it, because they're no longer in the domain registration business. They sold their business off to Melbourne IT, a very nice group of folks in Australia. However, I simply cannot afford to throw money to a premium company for a commodity service, so for $35.50 a year, I declined to renew with them. I got my authorization codes, and I signed up with It was $15.50 for two years, plus a free bonus year to sweeten the deal. At $5.34 a year,I'm not complaining. But, I'm a bit on edge, because the transfer is still pending. If you can read this next week, it's gone through. If not... I'm SOL.