Ben Quayle

Posting as Brock Landers, Ben Quayle writes:

“I’m a tall drink of water who is easy on the eyes. Plus, my moral compass is so broken I can barely find the parking lot. Long story short, on a scale of 1-to-10, I’m awesome.” -

“When I took off my shirt, and the ladies caught a glimpse of my chiseled physique, I was summarily mobbed like I was a member of Menudo during the Puerto Rican day parade in NYC.”

Others are more graphic.

In a half dozen local and national television interviews this week, Quayle has emphatically stated: “I am not Brock Landers.”

But he has not actually denied using the pen name, and Richie said only two bloggers had the ability to post original content on the site in 2007: Richie and Brock Landers.

Throughout his statement to campaign backers, Quayle portrays himself as a victim, saying he has been “attacked, maligned and smeared” by a “barrage of insults, lies distortions and rumors.”

Yet these are his own words, no-one else has said these things.