Hamas does indeed attack and kill civilians without cause. So does the Israeli army, our newest American-funded terrorist group. Every aspect of Palestinian life is subject to the whim of Israel, yet no democracy or safety within their homes is available to them (homes their families have lived in for centuries, propaganda notwithstanding). They must cross Israeli laid fences to buy food, or to go to work in Israeli factories, they come home to find bulldozers have crushed their families o make way for more Israeli settlements. Israel can end the war by accepting the people there as Israelis, enfranchising them and ceasing the killing. Or by pulling back to the 1940s treaty limit for a fair two state solution. Or by pulling back to the 1967 treaty and creating a two state solution with an impoverished but seperate Palestine. Israel ignores all these solutions, because only in war can Israel's border continue to expand, as it has every single decade since the British created it.

Meantime, the Israeli army kills peaceful Turks and unarmed American civilians, with no protest from the end-of-timers who welcome the violence as part of God's will in the mid-east. God's will?
If God wants violence in the Middle East to continue until the end of time, He doesn't need your help!

I know y'all have never lived outside the bubble of the USA, so I try to forgive your fear based in ignorance. I DO know many Muslims, I HAVE lived where "they" control the government. They're very annoying, like Southern Baptists or Mormons or Jews. No drinking, no smoking, no blood. I won't allow them to control my government, and neither will I allow you.

I'd far rather die free than live in the terror state your fear creates all around me now.

I wish that I could say the same of you.