I struggled with this same problem, but I didn't find a solution you'll accept.

I'm an American Baptist, but since the nearest ABC is several hundred miles from my house, I looked for options in my town. There was Southern Baptist (too extreme) Regular Baptist (more extreme? didn't know about you guys), Seventh day, and Methodist. My aunt is a seven, they bug me from the outset because they won't bend on any Old Testament rule, except the ones they ignore outright. Didn't even visit. Southern Baptists won't allow women in ministry, so my wife won't permit me to go there. :) Turns out Regular Baptists find the Southern to be too liberal towards their girls, so I don't think we're welcome there again.

So then there's the Methodists, and my last experience with them was a lay preacher who said, "God's-self" and "God's-own-self" to avoid gender words like "his" and "him," for God, even when talking about Jesus the man. I could not tolerate that were I a member there. Fortunately, the Methodist pastor in my town does believe that the indications in scripture are that Jesus was in fact male. But there's also a plethora of lesbian couples at that church, if that's an issue for you.