So I jumped into a rather interesting discussion online recently, and I thought I'd share it here:

I was circumcised and it ruined my life! I blame the Jews for this. -anon1

I doubt you're Jewish, or even circumcised. I circumcised, and it's no big deal, doesn't interfere with my life at all. -anon2

I agree that circumcision is often no big deal and I don't particularly care if other people do it or not.

That said, the few cases of serious infection or nerve damage made me think twice before genitally altering my own children unnecessarily.

There also the fact that circumcised men everywhere hate condom use, while uncircumcised do not, which seems to confirm the "loss of sensitivity" claim.

So much for the pro-circ groups claiming it magically prevents AIDS - condoms do that for real.

And Jewish circumcision involves far less actual cutting than American circumcision, so I'd go with that first, if I was going to put in the effort.
But it's like piercing your baby girl's ears - why bother?