Strange Dream

So last night I had quite possibly the strangest dream of my life. And that includes the one about the moth with the wooden cocoon. I dreamt about my Uncle Wayne. He Was talking about children and how boys herd together to force a group to conform, and it's rough on the non-conformists. Apparently this happens in 4th grade, and again in high school. It's good because it helps people form a social identity, but he'd been worried about Dan having a rough time with it, because apparently group-think wasn't his thing. He was smug about his kids though, 'cause they were going to be tough. Then he showed me his new multi-tool which was a 4"x4"x1" polished aluminum item, it had all kinds of pop-out tools, a rj45 crimper on one side and a glass scoring wheel on another corner... I don't remember the others. It was most impressive though, and I was properly impressed.