All-American Pastime: Fear & Bigotry

|CONTENT|I've been gathering articles about the Cordoba House community center being built in New York, NY, because there's been so much bile stirred up suddenly.

This article is a good intro: ([]

  1. Bunch of Sufi Muslims want to build a community center in New York city to promote religious understanding and peace.

  2. Newt Gingrich and Sarah Palin notice that it's somewhat near the location of the WTC attacks, pretend this is relevant to use this to gain political traction for themselves by denouncing it. They claim if it were further away, perhaps another state, that would be more "tasteful."

  3. Americans across the USA start muttering about whether Muslims should be allowed to build mosques, or whether religious freedom means we should force them to become Christian in order to keep their citizenship.



  1. Barack Husein Obama notices this crazy anti-freedom movement building momentum, and steps in with a truly noteworthy pro-freedom, anti-oppression speech. ([]

  2. He notices that the bigots didn't like his speech, so he clarifies it by explaining that he actually didn't say anything at all, carry on. (url=[]

  3. Osama bin Ladin tacks up another tiny victory flag.

Here's to the many people who have been ranting against this Mosque, in the name of freedom, or in the name of "good taste." I know that y'all have never lived outside of the bubble that is the USA, so I try to forgive your fear based in ignorance. This is enough.

I DO know many Muslims, I HAVE lived where "they" control the government. They tend to be very annoying, like Southern Baptists or Mormons. They don't drink, they don't smoke, and they won't eat improperly prepared meat. They're basically identical to Jews to any outsider, down to their worship of the Jehovah of the Torah, missing the aspects of His character explained in the NT -- the same ignorant distortion of God that most "Christians" worship. He is not who the Old Testament leads you to think He is, and your guns and burnt offerings are not pleasing to Him.

Unless your cowardice would also lead you to advocate for the rounding up of all Jews and Hindus and Taoists, your arguments against Islam are incoherent. I won't allow any of [i]them [/i]to control my government, and neither will I allow [i]you[/i].

I would far rather die free than live in the terror state your fear is creating all around me now. I wish that I could believe the same of you.

Peace, Changa