Much like young boys who pee everywhere but the potty, Arizona's legislature has missed their mark again. Trying to prevent people from entering your state for work without addressing the supply of jobs and demand for paperless workers is like trying to pee without cheerios.

States that [i]actually [/i]object to illegal immigrants coming in and taking jobs from citizens all have (and enforce) a law that fines employers $10K per employee per week for hiring someone without proof of ID and legal residency.

Anyone? Any one state?

No, that would bankrupt the many businesses that depend on paperless workers, endangering our entire economy. And admitting that would in turn imply that these paperless workers are actually in some way adding to our economy by doing work I wouldn't do for wages I wouldn't touch. So we can't admit that it's the businesses clamoring for these workers who are the largest part of the problem.

Far more practical: harass anyone who looks Mexican. And surely much more in line with what our founding fathers envisioned.

Peace, Changa