Freedom of Some Religion

I picked up a hitchhiker recently. Mark is Rasta, and he does smoke him some herb now and again. In his homeland of Jamaica this is not an issue, but since he's working here now he respects the laws of this land, and he held off on exercising his religion until California opened up a legal loophole for him. He got a prescription for marijuana, so that he can stay true to his faith within the law. This ties in well with the new federal guidelines to pretend states have autonomy, so that feds no longer bust pot-smokers when they're not breaking state laws.

But apparently being within the law is not sufficient in this state, since Mark was arrested a couple days ago. And naturally,when you arrest someone, you need to impound his parked car as well. And naturally, once you impound someone's car, you need to tow it to a different town than the jail you take him to, so that he won't be able to pick it up easily.

So I guess the question is: is this religious persecution, or just racism?

Peace, Changa