Why sucks

  1. XKCD contains references to Ender's Game. If you refuse to read Ender's Game, you'll have to skip these ones. Your lack does not mean I should suffer.

  2. Yes, you'll need to know a bit about linux. Not much, but a bit. Autoconfig... will set things up for you. iwconfig... relates to wireless devices. Man pages are like help files. Again, you'll have to skip these strips if you won't research linux, but they're funny to geeks. Don't ask us to delete all jokes you don't get.

  3. Yes, he's deeply in love with the quirkiest geek girl in the world, and yes she's imaginary. This should evoke pity, not rage. Especially the bits that aren't imaginary.

  4. Not every break in pattern is a mistake, sometimes it's a gift to those who obsess over patterns. Such mistakes are humerus.

  5. Not every strip has to be LOL funny, to be funny. Many of them make me go, "oh man, I've said that before!" The raptor thing, the minimal distance thing, the floor patterns thing... These are thoughts that occur due to the circumstances of modern life upon the overly-analytical brain. I notice patterns based on coincidence, and extrapolate reasons for them, with bizarre results. Sometimes it's just nice to know other people do that too.

  6. Jealous? Yes. But not of Randy Randal. You're not a geek, you don't understand what it is that Randal's talking about because it's nothing to do with you. Apparently being excluded from the nerd herd by your lack enrages you, since you are better at everything else than we are.

  7. Your mom says "hi."