Random Innerweb Quiz facts..

  1. I was born in Zomba, Malawi.
  2. At age 2 I jumped down stairs with a helium ballon to see if I could fly.
  3. My favorite movie is Star Trek IV, I don't care what you think.
  4. I say I don't really have a favorite movie, because I care a lot what you think. 6 is my favorite number.
  5. Wanted to be a teacher when I was 10.
  6. Became a teacher when I was 24 -- quit at 27.
  7. Can read music and sing, but play no instruments at all.
  8. I hate traveling, but I love seeing new places.
  9. Julia Roberts was my first love.
  10. My wife hated me for 3 years, [i]before[/i] we dated.
  11. Actually owned an iBook a few years ago.
  12. My favorite food is a blue-cheese steak (or blue-cheeseburger).
  13. Broke a window as a kid, deliberately. (No-one has EVER known this except my mom).
  14. I aspire to be vegetarian, but I really really like meat.
  15. I love quirky musicals like Avenue Q and RENT, and Dr. Horible's sing-along Blog.
  16. I love the story and music of Les Mis, but not the book OR Movie.
  17. Mwenechanga means Great Chief Little Fuzzy Dude. I like it
  18. My middle name means Hero. It's my mother's maiden name.
  19. I read lots.