Baby Boomer

baby Boomers, or, The Generation that's destroying America.

umm.... sorry.

My cousin was once talking to a philosophy instructor, and they got on to the topic of challenges facing her generation.

Eventually, my cousin gave her analogy of our world today.

Picture a field of ripe, succulent corn, just bursting from the plants. Life, growth, richness and opportunity.Now picture a swarm of locusts coming over the horizon, a buzzing black cloud blocking the sun. They land on the corn, so that the field is nothing but a teeming mass of locusts, moving, swaying, eating. Eventually, after what seems years, they fly off, leaving an empty field of dead stalks and dirt.

The professor stepped back in utter horror when he heard what she said, realizing the truth of her analogy. America has been consumed by the Me Generation, his generation, leaving little but desolation in place of the most magnificent country in the world.

The greatest generation raised their children as the center of their universe, selflessly sacrificing, never allowing them to want for anything.

The Me Generation took that as their birthright, demanded that the world continue to provide for them, demanded that they never suffer, never sacrifice, never go hungry that their own children might eat. When their marriages became inconvenient, they introduced divorce as a way of life. When children became inconvenient, they found the joys of electronic babysitters, and foisting them on educators whenever possible.

The lost generation, with no-one to care for them, grew up as orphans in rich surroundings. All their physical needs were met and over-met, so that they would stay quiet.

No consideration was taken, or given, for their emotional and intellectual development. These toddlers are now entering their 30's, but they are no more than babies in their understanding of the world. They understand nothing, not even their own stark needs, a craving for human interaction, for the rules and stability that were never given to them.

And of course, we talk of genY, but they are the children of children, so their future is destined to be much like their parents. Ignorant, childishly innocent and childishly cruel, they enter the world dangerously brave.

Many reasons have been given, much blame assigned for America's problems, but symptomatic of the cause, no-one assigns that blame to themselves. It is always the schools, the taxes, the governments failure to provide, the governments theft of our freedoms. And yet, governments can provide only what you will take, governments can take only what you will give.

Some few took to heart the unlessons of their parents, they work hard to provide for their children, but they work harder to ensure that their children do not become their parents. It is these generation X parents that I salute, because it is only through them that America can become great again.