The Golden Compass

So, I watched the Golden Compass for the first time the other night. And i was left wondering what all the fuss was about. Here was a typical fantasy story, fun but not particularly original, benign family oriented stuff.
There are Gyptians, witches, and bears. Witches are obviously bad in Christianity, but no-one here is claiming they are good. Hardly raises this to Harry Potter levels of controversy, let alone the uproar it got.
Then there's the fact that human spirits reside inside animals. This person and their anima in animal form walk together as two hoalves of a whole, no person complete without their soul alongside. Odd, but merely interesting rather than controversial. This is a classic good-vs-evil, liberty vs. fascism story. The kind red-blooded-Americans flock to every day. I went to bed puzzling over the controversy, and in the morning it came to me. The witches are female, of course, and powerful women at that. But it is much worse than that, for the chief force for evil is not a witch, merely a human being and also a woman, a beautiful strong woman who does not respect the authority of men. And to top it off, the primary protagonist is a girl.
The men in this movie are supporting cast, sheep-herded by the women who obviously run this world. And that is the unforgivable sin, not the trivial religious statements.|TB_PING||IP-ADDRESS||DATE|1207692000|CREATEDBY|admin