No Concessions

No Concessions

Y'know, I really don't appreciate people who wear you down with redundant arguments until you concede a point, and then procede use that to call you inconsistant.

Damn right I'm inconsistant, because I'm so spineless that I conceded to you even though you were wrong.

I take back what I said about Bush. I do not acknowledge him as a legitimate president. He is a maggot who used his family influence and money to tip the scales in his favor, and then has the audacity to whine when the opposition calls foul. I do not care about the Electoral College, not when he manipulated it outside the law in order to win. Is an olympic winner who pays off judges a real gold-medalist? Because they get to keep that medal.

I really don't care, republican or democrat, they are all worms. I vote green, Ralph Nader is the only honest person to ever run for candidate (even topping Abe) And hey, who else can say Ford Motors spent $30 million to find out they're not gay?

At the time Ford was sensitive about the internals memos stating that human lives are not worth $11 per car on the assembly line to make the Pinto's gas tank not explode in collisions above 10 mph.

Now they've found the public agrees with them.