Bush and Osama

Item: Bush made public statements saying that he intended to invade Iraq immediately after taking office. Item: Under the new guidelines of war outlined by this presidency, it is acceptable in civilized warfare to attack an enemy if he is making plans or gathering weapons with the intention of attacking you. Item: Papers from January 2001 have been revealed showing detailed plans for the coming invasion of Iraq. Item: The precedence set by Nagasaki and Hiroshima allows for extreme violent attacks against a nation bent on the destruction of our way of life. Item: The New York terrorists had friends and family within Iraq. Item: The President went forward with the attack even after the Sept. 11th attacks occured. Item: There is no indication this administration intends to stop the attacks whilst any muslim still lives within the mid-east. Item: The President went forward with the attack unilaterally, without the approval of any independent agency. Item: No indication of threat or weapons within Iraq was given before the attacks. Item: Since the attacks began, Iraq has lost many lives, lost nominally democratic rule to anarchy, clean running water, electricity, health-care and the security of governmental law enforcement.

Conclusions. C: The USA represents a current threat to the People of Iraq, and to Islamic culture generally. C: President Bush, far from being the impartial ruler of a great nation concerned with its own security, instead acted as a religious zealot, single-mindedly attacking a religion and culture out of repugnance towards its existance. C: The planned attack constituted a clear and present danger to the people of Iraq.
C: If you accept Bush's guidelines for when to start a war, Osama bin Ladin was in the right.