Farewell, Kill Devil Hill

Herein lie my opinions upon our members. Some is fact, much is opinion. Nothing here may be assumed, save to disregard me altogether. No slander is intended, yet much may be taken.

The purpose here is an insight not merely into our philosophies, but into ourselves. Nothing here need itself be truth, although I do intend that it is.

I call you a fanatic not because I have seen your manifesto, but because I believe that you have one. That alone is sufficient. Nor do I mean this to be insulting. On this board, your forceful technique is both necesary and commendable. It is indeed a sign of my own inadequacy that I couched my explanation in disaproving language. However, I will place a caveat here, for if you live your life as you write your posts, then you will surely not find happiness in a typical sense. This is your choice, I do not make a judgement here. I suspect some would choose your life over mine, obviously I could not. Viva La Revolution. Perhaps I'll see you in Paris.

The majority of your posts are trite. You are fundamentally sensual, and interested not so much in analyzing life as in living it. Our philosophies differ at the base. Yet our political views are near identical, due to an inevitable envy from my position to yours. Would that I could live my life without second guessing into immobility, be happy without searching out and thereby crushing its cause! Yes, I envy you that. Still hoping to spot you in Playboy.

I think of you two as the Bobsy twins. Always saying the same thing in a different way. I occasionally enjoy your posts, but I never learn from them because you each only have your one story to tell. Having read it and learnt from it, I can learn no more. But I suppose you must always hope for a new audience, so that I cannot dissuade you from telling it again. Perhaps my children will one day rediscover your writings for me.

At once the Physicist and the Christian, the Scientist and the Prophet. You reach out with an immense patience and tireless energy, educating the masses from your great store. You are benefactor, altruistic advisor, and scholar. So why is it that you and I cannot get along?
It is not our different backgrounds, for I have other friends like you.
No, I suspect it is your origin, which I have stated elsewhere on this board. I shall not bring up old bitterness here however, for this is a celebratory thread. I shall think of you when I read of Chauncey Gardner.

I cannot imagine our backgrounds are very similar, but we think a lot alike. I think we do not invest heavily in life, which allows us to see more clearly. Yet live less fully, perhaps. Something I am currently correcting. Perhaps you have already balanced the two, I cannot say from all the way over here. Will I see you at a film festival?

So, you are a Jew? How amusing that up until almost now, I assumed you were a muslim. I must apologize, I have never met someone of your name who was not. I understand much better why I offend you. I dislike Israel for its fascist oppression of its Muslim serfs, but I do not dislike you. I wonder what role you play in that government, that I might blame you for its actions?
At any rate, your race is prominent in my image of you, for you have chosen to make it so. Here on the internet where we are as anonymous as we choose, you have chosen to advertise this fact, perhaps as a matter of principal? I commend you for it, so long as you can handle the disdain of the proletariots.
For one cannot trade their speech for your comfort without trading all speech, and here they can do naught but talk. Remember that Nick Berg's father believes that Bush killed his son, not Islamic militants. You are of a proud culture, be sure you wear it well. May we walk the same side of the wall together.

I just found out I'm not supposed to talk to you anymore. Pity, really. You seem most intelligent, although your posts are sparse. And sane, so much saner than myself. You'll always haunt my dreams, dah'ling.

What can I say, I may become you one day. I don't know though, I think you should be more flexible -- I hope I always shall be. Are you really Tedder Ten?
Your posts are so atypical for what I would expect in that case. Tedder was... different.

You've been here longer than me. Congrats. Have you learnt anything much? You claim to be an existentialist, but I have seen your cynicism reject even that. I don't believe we shall run into each other much.

Premise Destroyer,
I miss you PD, you were a fun one. Did you change name and I forgot? Anyrate, you were the first person I ever saw change their mind here, I applaud you so much for that. YOU were here to learn, not merely to argue. I'll vote for you if I recognize you.

The one who shall not be named,
Man, Raphael brought me here, and watching you twist him up in knots brought me back. And now you're not even on the board... maybe someone'll pass this along (hint hint). I'll meet you on some mountainside, I love to go a wanderin'.

In school I would often guess at answers, and then go back and show why my answer was true. This is not why teachers disliked me. They disliked me because my guesses were overwhelmingly correct, for which reason I believe in intuition. Why do I boast of this to you? Because it seems like you'd be interested, is all. Truth is not absolutely knowable, but belief is still possible.
I believe I can know, that is sufficient. And I believe I know you.

Weary Locomotive,
You are my inspiration, my net.mentor
I read your posts avidly, I read the posts you respond to searching for the worthiness you found in them. You don't respond to many of my posts and I think I understand why. Not so bad though, you've responded enough to avoid completely crushing my ego. And of course, it's humiliating to admit I look up to one such as you, but it's easier now that I have more self-concept. I once told you I have no philosophy. At the time, this shamed me to say, but now I have grown used to the void and it feels a mark of pride. I have faced the end of nihilism, for a void is something that cannot be replaced by less. Isn't that pretty? Not altogether meaningful, since I still believe in many things, but I recognize that my belief has no foundation, and further, no need of one. Perhaps you've converted me over to Neitzche after all.

I am many things to many people. I have never properly introduced myself to you, because I feel my philosophy was best judged without personality. I repeatedly asked to remain anonymous, but apparently that is impossible for some to accept. You made up a persona for me, and I ignored it until it grew a life of its own. I apologize for that, but it was not mine. I feel my growth here is at a stop, so perhaps it is finally time.

I am 24 years old. I have a majored in computer science, and last year completed my baccalaureate. I am primarily English in race, with decendents tracing to the Mayflower, and to Leeds. I also have some German, and some Canadian anscestors.

I am one of the few in my family to marry outside my race, although my wife is really only half hispanic, and fairly white. I do sometimes question why such an egalitarian family has maintained such a homogenous ethnicity, but perhaps it is coincidental or cultural circumstance, I do not know. I do know that my first serious relationship was with a blonde, and that my own choices have not been racially motivated.

I am returning to academia after a year in industry, because I wish to accomplish more with my life than merely the collection of money. With that aim, I have accepted a teaching position and have applied to another university to continue my education.

I imagine that I shall also this year begin having children, as my wife and I have wanted to do for some time now. I convinced her to put this off until we each had acheived our college goals (congrats hon, I'm proud of you!)

I am an American Baptist. I am a man of integrity, dignity and honor, one who tries to conduct himself gracefully in all situations. I will not compromise my beliefs for others, yet neither will I force my views upon them unbidden. And I can change my mind when I am wrong.

I spent much of my childhood in African and European cultures, a fact that must always influence my attitudes. I have experienced such a variety of cultures that I do not solely embrace America's culture. As such, I am viewed by a threat by some, but more correctly as an interesting contributer to any mix. You do not risk your culture when you allow me to flourish.

I will be in and out of here from time to time, but I think it is obvious to everyone that I spend less time here as the days go by.

I wish the best in life and love and newness of passion to you all.