Get Along

I did not say we should all get along.

I do not say all races are equal.

I do not shy away from race as an indicator about an individual. The day I meet a Basarwa who is more than 5' tall, I'll fall over in surprise. Ditto for an open-minded white perhaps.

I do conclude that racial profiling is too rough a tool to use on specific individuals.

I then look at specific cases: Banks that used racial profiling to avoid giving out high risk loans lost money compared with banks that were equal opportunity lenders. Police attempts at racial profiling have increased crime in white and black neighborhoods alike.

I conclude that racial profiling is useless as long as normal human beings are the ones attempting to apply the results. Perhaps a real scientist could apply such data usefully, but I have yet to meet a real scientist.

Since the most effective method of racial profiling to date is to ignore race altogether, I advocate that. It is a pragmatic decision rather than a moral one.

I notice, all races are the same in their extremes. The Chinese are on average a short people, however there is a basketball player who is 7'2" (pure Chinese). Einstein was no more average for his own race than for any other.

I do not see "nature" as a moral force. Morality is a tool for group survival, not individual. As such, an individual is judged by his harm or usefulness to the whole.