Hello and welcome to Xpol, a place where we discuss the politics of being gen-x, and all aspects of life are fair game. Politics is simply a crude form of philosophy, and philosophy is the art of living. So if you are in fact living, then welcome.

Anyone from 13 years through 90 something is welcome to post their opinions on this board.
Anyone born between 1960 and 1979 has a reasonable chance of being considered gen-X, but I have been swayed from hard and fast numbers to considering life experiences instead. Those whose childhoods were shaped and influenced by the cold war, by the insanity of knowing that we could all die at any moment, and probably would.
Those are the core of gen-X, and it is that experience which marks their meandering path accross an uncaring earth.

The baby-boomers grew up believing themselves to be the center of the universe. They are a selfish, greedy and destructive generation who destroyed large swaths of the earth for their amusement. But hey, nobody's perfect.

Some boomers rejected this insanity, this destruction, this complete lack of human dignity and kindness. They are refered to as the hippies, and their failed experiment left a fair share of damage behind as well. Yet, innefective and basically hopeless as they were, at least they were trying to do what was right; something a typical boomer lacks altogether.

And now that the Xers have grown up and gotten over the insanity of their despair (for the world did not end) most have bought into the common paradigm with renewed frenzy. Their childhood fear and terror has been redirected, now they believe terrorism will end the world the way communism failed to deliver. In the meantime, they give their children everything they can, and shelter them from the harsh reality of a world that they believe is too terrifying to contemplate.

Their children, the second ME generation,believe themselves to be the center of the universe. They are blessed with every whim of their desires, nothing is denied them. Their parents cannot say no to them, and their teachers are regulated to say nothing at all.
Brought up like the boomers, they are beginning to act like the boomers. THey care nothing for the environment, for they cannot conceive of a world that would ever fail to meet their needs. The world will always be their servant, nothing more.

Indeed, they have molded their parent to their way of life instead of the other way around. Now as a unit, they believe that they actually need their toys, their boats, their SUVs and their trophy houses in the suburban waste-lands. They will never experience a world where people are grateful to have enough to eat and work hard to shape their own destiny.

This is the future, the hope, of America.

Isn't it incredible that a person can live a truly comfortable and contented life without all the crap that Americans now see as so necessary? The average person on the street in America is discontent, believing that the world has robbed him, and not knowing how to fix his miserable life.

Yet, even in other first-world countries people get by with little more than one car, tv,vcr and an extended christmas vacation. Get by?
People live long lives of pleasure and sensual joy, without ever owning a single dvd. For the things without prices are the things beyond measure.