Dean was asked who was his nearest living relative in the armed forces.
He replied by saying his brother was currently POW/MIA. It turns out, his brother is a journalist who died in a battle-zone, and three articles in one paper alone called Dean a liar for this mis-statement of the facts.

Our president said there was uranium in Iraq, while holding a CIA report saying there was none. Yet I read no articles at all taking Bush to task for this.

So much for the liberal press.

Our president stated the CIA had proof that someone sold uranium to Iraq, and when this was refuted, someone committed treason by leaking an agents name to the press. Under the PATRIOT Act, the person who did this should rot in jail forever. Yet there has been no impeachment process, I suppose because the president did not sleep with her first.

When we invaded Iraq, the Iraqi army surrendered to us without a fight, welcoming the return of their allies of old. In response, we labelled them all potential terrorists and stripped them of rank and pay. Now I hear complaints that the Iraqi people are not doing enough for their own freedom and I wonder, why won't we let them?

The mistake the british made in the 1700's was not in trying to occupy the colonies, but in ruling viciously and unfairly, disbanding and discrediting those who would ahave helped them.

Sound familiar? It should.

Our occupation in Iraq is supposedly due to the 9/11/01 attacks, yet plans for the invasion were in place as early as 2000. Apparently, someone's invented a time machine and I missed the memo.

A recent journalist stated that the south will not sell out America's interests in favor of their own. I thought the south was a part of America.

Parts of the American south are poor. Poor enough that children go to bed hungry every night, poor enough that they have lost hope.

In past elections the winning message to them has been, "Your life sucks, we'll help you blame it on the black man."

Dean's radical idea is that the southern man should listen to a new message; "Instead of finding blame, let's find improvements."

For this democrats call him racist, and republicans call him heartless. I guess that means he's doing something right.