no, I have a definite position and I defend it through reasoned arguments... A definite position, to be sure.

most others simply make accusations or appeals to false authorities (bibles and metaphysics) Very true, but they are ignorant fools and God will smite them for it. You are better than them, and should act like it.

philosophy is the art of argument logical argument as well or do you believe it is strictly the love of wisdom? I believe the word, as it is commonly used, is most correctly defined, "The love of arguing." I do not believe a philosopher necesarily loves wisdom, that is mere pretension.

which branch is the love of wisdom? branches of philosophy? yeah and politics is one small part of one branch... Love of wisdom would encompass all else, for one can seek to be wise in all things. Not that anyone does of course.

aesthetics? how beautiful is it to be a economic slave? Therein lies the crux. First, define beauty and then I'll define slave, and then we'll agree to disagree all over again. Heck, I'll define slave right now: one who must work for a living.

it requires more than accusations ... besides, where did you get your philosophy degree? I have been rude to you, but not simply to be rude. I drew conclusions from the information in front of me, and I let you know my opinions. I am never retiscent in that regard, but you need not take it fully to heart, for I do not know all that much about you.

no, it doesn't require a degree, but I do have my degree in philosophy from Ohio University, so yeah, I do know philosophy... I once desired a philosophy degree, but as a senior in high-school I interviewed a philosophy major and found that the prevaling jobs for such are managerial and sales. I sought a more appealing job market immediately. Beyond that, its better not to feed the trolls.

fading away, or returning under a new name, it matters little... That is vile, untrue and innapropriate, and I will thank you to keep your dirty little insults to yourself.

the fact that you never refuted my arguments on the merits of the arguments seems to beg the question of why I never changed my opinion of my positions... Perhaps, but I did not refer merely to our discussions. You have never conceded a point to anyone on any topic, and that is a little too much self-love to allow growth.