I have been trying to avoid the sun since I'm so fair, and balanced a giant umbrella on my head for that purpose.

from killdevilhill

Imp: WE STILL HAVE TROOPS IN EACH OF THEM, and yes the troops

are in danger... the point is that there is no PROTESTERS... left

wing liars and hypocrites

How many troops have we lost in each of those countries? How much money have we actually spent as peace-keepers in those regions? How is it that We managed during all of Clinton's presidency to "waste troops" like that, without affecting our economy?

religious fanatic? me? please...

You are Imp, you're just too caught up in it to notice.

you are forgetting your marx... opiates indeed

And what's wrong with that? Let the masses be happy, let the unhappy come forward to make changes.

> -Right now the government is strongly supporting any groups
> with zionist tendencies, which constitutes a governement religion.

supporting the state of israel is now a government religion?

That is not one of the groups I was thinking of, I meant government spending on programs like Promise Keepers, etc. Not that I have any problem with such programs, but since not one penny of charity support money has gone towards muslim charities, I hope even you can see the pattern.

And I said that zionism constitutes a government religion, not that suporting zionists constitutes a government religion. more than abortion on demand for 12 year olds with no parental notification is a government religion...

How about this; you can ban abortion, but you must stop starting wars without justification. I'd be delighted to take that deal.

mandatory sentences are good because there should be certain consequences for certain actions... no exceptions...

Because your delicate mind can't handle the fact that life's not fair?
Prison is not for punishing people, it's for protecting society.
Meting out punishment is for the weak.

more effective? not really... you hope the result will be better, but there are no guarantees...

Increased school programs lead to a direct drop in crime.
It's not magic, its statistics.
Its a far better investment than Enron ever was.

buy a gun...

Guns are not the problem, hysterical cowards wielding guns are the problem. Guns don't kill people, frightened republicans kill people.

sure, let pot smokers and drunk drivers go free...

The fact that you cannot comprehend a difference between pot-smokers and drunk drivers indicates your puritan upbringing. Try driving a car drunk in Holland. You won't see the light of day for a long time, and when you do, you won't ever get your licence back. Because they understand what breaking the social contract means.

we will only enforce the laws that say it is illegal to interfere with the operation of abortion clinics...

If you have a problem with the law, get it changed.

holland is also socialist,

As is America.

and not america, and therefore, less freedom...

Zionist mythology. Plenty of countries offer as much or more freedom than your precious constitution. America's only claim to fame is that our government is so very old.

but if you want to have drugs, move to holland and have fun...

I've thought about it, but I have family ties here. I'll just go get high during government-sponsored vacations instead. :)

>-Drug use is actually less prevalent there than here, for >obvious reasons.

smaller population is the only reason...

Look up the word prevalent, and you'll understand how stupid that is.

no, the republicans do desire smaller government...

Like the patriot act? Or was that a democrat's idea?

bush isn't acting like a republican... he has given in to democRAT demands too much for political reasons...

I had no idea the democrats were behind our drastically increased military spending, how foolish of me to imagine that was a republican agenda.