from killdevilhill

1. Putting Saddam back in power is neither possible nor desirable.

Admitting that we did a bad thing is both desirable and possible.

I don't think both positions can exist at the same time,

So, if we say that rebelling against King George was not well thought out in the colonies, we must now submit to British rule? You're not just comparing apples to oranges, you're telling me that to buy one I must buy both!

2. no plans to rectify the situation have been issued.

I addressed this in the response to BC. I agree that it's a problem not thought through ahead of time.

Bush said he had a plan before-hand. More lies?

3. They [CIA] however, did not corraborate the info.

Yes, they did with the brits.

The CIA said it was doubtful info. Bush ran with it anyway.

That makes it his "mistake" not theirs.