The thing that makes you interesting Raphael, is that you sound like you believe everything you say.

You're like the prosecutor in 1984, you truly believe the things you say, no matter what they are. Even when one contradicts the very next, you believe both. You've already forgotten the photograoph you just held, for it never existed.

I almost hope you're real, for how boring it would be if you were just stringing us all along. Yet, how very frightening that one as confused and contorted as that can go on living and speaking as if they were still alive. You have no connection to the physical world, yet here you are, talking to us as if you do.

Does it never cross your mind, Raphael? Do you never hear yourself say something that cannot fit with what you've said before? Do you ever go, "hmm, this piece doesn't fit!" Or do you quietly pocket that one and forget you ever saw it?