At their level

I don't necessarily take pride in my patriotism, but it is there none-the-less. I take no pride in hunger, either, but I need not deny its existence.

When someone says "I am hungry, I have more right to that food than you."; I say "I'm hungry too, and you've already eaten."

I could just as easily gone into a debate about the worthlessness of hunger as a measure of objective need, or discussed the fallacy of using hunger to imbue nobility.

However, what would be the point? Is one off the street capable of understanding the subtle degrees of such an argument?

Instead, I approach with arguments they are capable of understanding, based as always in the truth I seek. I do not deny my animalistic nature, I embrace and become it. I am fully human because I experience the fluctuations of emotion as well as the cold hard day of reason. I control my body and my mind, with sparing touches.

Despair not, Wanderer. The hard strength of reason is always nearly spent. The night of turmoil is always hard upon us. Yet, reason will out, and strength it has left for another generation.