Story Time

Changa says: I'm not too worried about it
GiNGeR says: so tell me ...
GiNGeR says: how did you propose?
Changa says: heh
Changa says: when montgomery wards was closing down, they had a 50% off sale, who can resist those?
GiNGeR says: hehe, yep yep
Changa says: so, I checked it out ahead of time, and then Ozzyemm and I went 'to see what they had'
Changa says: somehow or other... we wound up in the jewelry section
GiNGeR says: ok
Changa grins
Changa says: we ewre just looking at the rings for no reason
Changa says: she started getting suspicious though
GiNGeR giggles
Changa says: so I asked her if she liked the one I'd already found previously
Changa says: she said yeah...
Changa says: so I said "I think we'll take that one"
Changa says: and she gasped
Changa grins
Changa says: then I hugged her and said
Changa says: "Ozzyemm, will you marry me?"
GiNGeR says: awww
GiNGeR says: did she cry?
Changa says: a little bit
GiNGeR says: awww
Changa smiles
GiNGeR says: so how long have yall been together?
Changa says: we had been going out for 1 year exactly when I proposed
Changa says: so now it's almost 2
GiNGeR says: so you met het a
GiNGeR says: haha
GiNGeR says: ok..
GiNGeR says: so you met heR at school?
Changa says: we met at church actually
Changa says: this story gets really long :)
GiNGeR says: ohhh.. haha, do you got time? cause i do. ;)
Changa breathes deep
GiNGeR smiles
Changa says: I met her and her best friend at the same time, she was already interested in someone so I started dating her friend instead.
Changa says: she got mad at me because apparently she did like me even though she said she didn't, so we didn't talk for a long time
Changa says: I went out with her friend for 3 years
Changa says: but, things really weren't working out, so we broke up
Changa says: about then Ozzyemm and I started getting along again
GiNGeR says: hmm.. so how long after you and her friend broke up did you
and her actually get together?
Changa pleads the fifth
Changa says: only about a month
GiNGeR says: hehe
GiNGeR says: i'm scared of that whole thing
Changa says: what?
GiNGeR says: ok, the guy i'm with, we've been together for almost 3 years now... he did ask me, you know.. THE QUESTION
GiNGeR says: no ring yet tho
Changa nods
GiNGeR says: i mean, i KNOW for sure that he's the one, but, i don't know
GiNGeR sighs
GiNGeR says: i'm just scared
GiNGeR says: is that bad?
Changa says: no
Changa says: I know what you mean
GiNGeR says: it's just... i don't know
GiNGeR says: what do you think?
GiNGeR says: does it mean i'm unsure?
Changa says: well, do you think there's any reason to worry?
Changa says: or is it the whole marriage thing that scares you?
GiNGeR says: i'm not quite sure what it is
GiNGeR says: i think it's the marriage thing
GiNGeR says: i think that maybe once we get married, things are gonna change
GiNGeR says: well, of course they'll change, right?
GiNGeR says: but.. what if... i don' tknow! ahhhh
Changa nods
Changa says: well.. I figure other people manage it, so I can too
Changa says: hopefully
GiNGeR smiles
Changa says: things seem to work out though
GiNGeR says: yeah