I find myself at odds with all parties on this issue.

To start with, I am unhappy with the choice of word. Evolution means an unfolding, and when something 'evolves' it merely shows us an aspect of itself that was already present, though hidden. A person might 'evolve' if they tried rollerblading for the first time and were naturally very talented. A person who works many years to become a brilliant chess player did not evolve, they developed.

They not only displayed more than previously, they became more than they had been.Evolution implies an ending, a goal and purpose outside itself.

No wonder someone other than Darwin coined the term.

I've found Christians view man as a finished product. This puzzles me, since man is sinful, foolish and imperfect.

On the other hand, atheists tend to view man as a stepping stone on the path to greater and greater intellects. They see man eventually "becoming God."

For a people who often claim to be dedicated to realism and rationality, atheists are often irrational dreamers.