Politically Incorrect

Dear Bob & Tom, Here's something politically incorrect.

This is about a station that carries you here locally (98.5 the fox, KDFO bakersfield).

In a break (around 9:30) they played "Southern Man" by Neil Young. Immediately after the show they played "Sweet Home Alabama" by Lenard Skinnard. I literally started screaming at the radio and I think I startled some lady in her car because of it.

In case you don't know this, "Southern Man" is about reformation in the south. something like --

    Southern man, change is comin' 
    Southern man, better, change yourself.

From "Sweet home Alabama" here's a direct quote:

   "Niel Young, Southern man don't need you anyhow."

These songs literally spit upon each other. I don't care which they play, but it's crazy to play both together.