I don't know why I'm so busy all the time, I have a sneaking suspicion that I do it to myself. I figure right now it's the Christmas madness though, so I'll might be back to 'normal' once all these people find things to do. (relatives visiting).

last night we had a birthday party for Ozzyemm, I think 14 people showed up. That was hectic. I made the mistake of deciding on 7o'clock, without thinking how busy it would be. And of course, Chili's didn't take reservations. We wound up visiting my friend who works in a nearby hardware store for a while. :)

Surprised her by getting her a small gift and the whipping out a bagful once all the rest were open. I got her there. :)

I got the kitten fixed -- it was a boy! (who knew??) That was nice, saved some money unexpectedly.

Night before last, I went to look at a motorbike (I'm thinking about getting one). As I was leaving to go home, some guy decided to make a left turn into the side of my car. No injuries, but my door was completely smooshed. My door doesn't open, and the central-locking won't work. The plastic rubs when I make left turns too. I have liability only, but since it was the other drivers fault his insurance should fix my car for me hopefully. His Dodge Dakota was fine, barely a mark on the bumper. Big vehicles may be safer, but they cost you more when you destroy other people's cars with them.

Now I'm even more devided about the bike. It would be simpler to buy it and not worry about the car for now, but obviously it's dangerous out there.

All those trucks and SUV's.. people buy them for looks and try to drive them like cars, but they're heavy and not easy driving!


Well, you just logged in so I'm gonna go chat with you now. :)