Another dream

Another Dream

This was probably the strangest and most vivid dream I have ever had in my entire life.

First, I was going to a seminar of some sort at a school. Afterwards, there were these people who thought they recognized me from somewhere, and I went along with it because it sounded like I could get a ride home. There was some confusion because I ran into someone I knew, but he didn't live near me so I wound up sticking with the strangers anyway. I realized that they were gay, and that was odd to me..
There were three girls and two guys, and the two guys were a couple kind of, and two of the girls definately were. One of the girls was fairly quiet, but she was pretty... Eventually I gave the guys (who were friendly enough to make me uncomfortable, something that doesn't happen irl) a speach about how I had changed and how I was more interested in women now, and I think I may have said some things about being healed or having found myself that made me uncomfortable even to hear because that's not me. I started chatting with the girl, and naturally because it's my dream she turned out to not be gay. Then I was in a study lounge, where people were studying all kinds of things. I was taking something like philosophy, with that girl I had managed to pick up. I was sick of it, so as always in tutoring places I wound up helping people with their trig homework. Mr. M, my old trig teacher wandered by and looked at my work. He kind of grunted, which is as close to approving of anything as I've ever heard him.

We left, and I think my parents gave me a ride home that day. I vaguely think you were still up at camp.

disconnectedhess, I almost woke up...

I was going to a lake, and you were giving me a ride there, but then you had to leave. as we came over the top of the hill, there was this huge lake. At the end closest to us, (where it was too shallow for this) A girl was jetskiing. You said "oh wow, she's hot" it wasn't like you were attracted to her, just pointing out the sights. But it was really odd, because you never say things like that, and she was too far away to see anyway.
After you left I paid attention to the girl because I was curious about her, and it turned out to be the same girl from class.
There was an episode involving the jetski I'll get back to it.

We got out of the water after testing these new inventions, very fun ripping around. I followed her up onto the beach, and she wanted to lie down to work on her tan. Now, her shirt was see-through to begin with, but then she took it off, because her front was evenly tanned (??!) and she wanted to keep it that way. I encouraged her to coverup as there were too many people around who'd get upset. We headed toward a building and I put my towel around her so people wouldn't notice. I knew she was willing to go inside because we were going to find something to entertain us, if you follow me. When we got to the building I needed to go to the bathroom, so I had her go into a room that was convenient and wait for me. Have you ever dreamt that you walked to the bathroom to go pee, without really getting out of bed? I walked up to the toilet and I recognized that this was a dream, beause I knew that if I went,somewhere some bed was gonna be wet. So I resisted, but since I now knew this was a dream, I pinched myself. It hurt. Thinking about it, it hurt too much and that was probably a clue. At the time it just confused me more, so I went to the toilet again, and thought about it and again decided this was a dream. After thinking about it for a long time I decided I had a double set of limbs, and I could detect one of them because I was lying on it. And yet I was still standing there, whole and normal, now with extra limbs somewhere else. It was very strange. I headed back into the other room, which had tinted glass panels you could see through walking past, and I guess it was like a salon or something. no-one was there but us though. I went over to this half-naked girl and I thought, well, if it's a dream I might as well sleep with her because there aren't any consequences. Then I thought, that's not true, if I sleep with her even in a dream I've done something I won't be able to ignore. Thoughts of the temptation of Christ came into my mind, although that may sound arrogant.
I said to her I'm sorry, I can't do this. She looked upset, but also understanding and she gave me a sad smile. She was trying to get me to change my mind, I could tell. I kissed her on the cheek and told her she was beautiful, then I walked out of the room. As I walked out she pulled her shirt on and stood up. I looked back as I got outside, and saw you enter through the other door. You had made it back early, so naturally you were looking for me. You said someone had told you I had gone in the building, and obviously they had thought they were getting me in troubled because you sounded puzzled about the way they'd said it. The girl said that I had just been nice enough to help her find the place and had left already, so I decided that was a good time to head downstairs. I realized that you had also come down the stairs, so I ran on ahead and ducked around a corner. After you passed I came out to head back out and onto the street another way, but a friend of yours (apparently you hadn't come alone) spotted me and said hi. Since she didn't know which direction I was going, I just pretended I had been trying to catch up with you guys. And in spite of everything, it didn't feel like a dream, so I felt that if you had caught me back there, it would have been a terrible thing. I felt vindicated, and the dream was over.

The jetski thing, as we came over the hill I realized the water was too shallow for skiing, and the girl had no boat pulling her. She had a device that looked more-or-less like a normal handle used for skiing, but it had a pair of jets on either side.

I managed to get one from someone, they were being tested as a new invention and not only were they pollution free, perfectly safe and wonderful, they were also going to be cheap. I used it to ski up and down the waves and had all kinds of fun, then I discovered, as other people already had, you could get pretty high up by pointing them up instead of forward. People were getting like 50ft up, or skiing all over the hilltops. Eventually we decided that they needed a safety strap so people wouldn't fall off in the middle of the air, if you let go you'd only fall like a foot. What we didn't consider is what happens to the jet when no-one's holding the handle anymore... Thinking about it now, you'd probably get dragged into the ground at 200mph or something. At the time it seemed perfectly safe.